BattleField 3,EA PressConference E3 2011

Only one thing to be said about this game,Its gona be fuking sick!

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i43 2011 summer lan event

i43 lan event 2011

We are very excited to announce that the Insomnia Gaming Festival will be moving to a new home at the Telford International Centre, Shropshire! We have been working hard to ensure this is the right move for the future of the Insomnia festival, and after a very in-depth consultation with our customers we have decided that Telford is where the future lies for our flagship event.

The ability to host over 3000 gamers, a more central location in the UK and awesome amenities are just some of the benefits it offers! The move to Telford will start with the upcoming i43 Summer event.

Next Level Competitive Gaming

For the competitive gamers amongst you we can announce increased guaranteed funds for the following tournaments. These are the minimums with potential to grow significantly depending on interest and with additional sponsorship:
Counter-strike Source (PC) minimum 7,500 GBP
Call of Duty 4 (PC) minimum 2,500 GBP
Team Fortress 2 (PC) minimum 5,000 GBP
Starcraft 2 (PC) minmum 2,500 GBP
League of Legends (PC) minimum 2,500 GBP
Halo Reach (XBOX360) minimum 2,500 GBP
FIFA 11 (XBOX360) minimum 1,000 GBP
Fighting Games (XBOX360) (Tekken 6, MK9, MvC3, SSF4:AE) minimum 1,000 GBP across the tournaments.

For XBOX360 we will shortly be announcing the relaunch of our TUP (Turn UP and Play) ticket which allows people to make use of provided equipment in entering these tournaments rather than having to BYOX, although BYOX is still of course an option. Were really throwing our support behind the XBOX scene once again!

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